Test Drugs

When most people think about drug studies, they think of somebody who has an illness that is willing to take an experimental medication to try to get better when all else fails. What many people don’t consider is that drugs need to go through many phases before they can get to the point where they are prescribed as medication, even experimental medication. In order to test these drugs, the pharmaceutical companies need healthy people to determine what types of side effects the drug may have and to help this process go as quickly and smoothly as possible, they are willing to pay people to help make sure that these studies can find the right test subjects in a timely manner.

If you’re a healthy individual with a willingness to participate in some testing, it’s possible to earn quite a bit of money for helping to test new drugs. The compensation for testing drugs can range from a few hundred dollars to more than $5000 depending on the length and the type of drug being tested.

There are many different phases to drug research studies. Phase 1 research studies are the ones which pay the most. Phase 1 studies use healthy individuals to research on the possible side effects of the new drug. There are many clinics looking for participants who are willing to do Phase 1 studies.

It’s also possible to make money by participating on Phase 2 and beyond studies. These drug studies will usually pay less money to participate in them than the Phase 1 drug studies, but they are much more plentiful and can be found in many more location across the US. These studies are usually looking for people who have a specific ailment and can often be found by looking for advertisements in your local paper.

While prescription drug trials are one of the most common ways to make money with medical testing, there are actually quite a large number of different types of medical trials where it’s possible to get paid to participate. Some of these other medical trials which offer the chance to make money include:

Bed Rest
Sleep Deprivation
Time Isolation

The above are just a few of the type of studies which people over the age of 18 can volunteer to participate in for the opportunity to earn a little bit of extra money. There are a wide variety of medical institutions which are constantly looking for healthy individuals who meet the study requirements and it’s possible for individuals to do a number of different studies each year.

There are some individuals who do medical testing full-time and can earn around $30,000 a year, although the vast majority of people do it on a part-time basis to earn a few extra dollars. Participants need to be in good health and there may be additional restrictions and requirements depending on the study. Both men and women are needed. Since there is no need for any training or a learning curve and there is no upfront costs to be eligible, this is something that anyone can do relatively easily. You can learn more and search for opportunities at paid to take drugs with the many institutions seeking participants.

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