Credit Hustling

If you live in a state where gambling is legal, one way to try to make some extra money is by credit hustling. Credit hustling used to be called slot machine accidentally forgotten coin searching way back in the day. When slot machines actually needed coins to be played, people would walk around the casino looking in the coin bins to see if anybody had accidentally left a few coins. Technology has made it so that slot machines no longer take coins, but now are instead run electronically with credits. People still do the same thing and walk around the casino floor looking at slot machines to see if people have accidentally left credits on the machine, and if they have, claiming those credits as their own.

While it was difficult for people to leave a lot of coins in the slot machine tray (who is going to forget whole stack of coins sitting right there in front of you?), it’s much easier for people to forget a large number of credits on slot machines. This means that while in the past you might find a few coins here and there walking around the casino floor, it’s possible to find hundreds of dollars worth of credits on a single slot machine if you get really lucky. Since credits are electronically displayed on the machine and not physical coins, the chances that someone will have accidentally left some credits tends to be a bit higher than forgotten coins. There have been reported instances where several hundred dollars have been found by credit hustlers, although small dollar amounts are much more common.

So, why would people accidentally leave credits on the slot machines? There can be a lot of different distractions that take place on the casino floor, especially if you’re there with friends and when you have been drinking. While not common, people do leave machines with credits on them more often than you might imagine. Because of this, there are a number of people who spend their days walking around casino slot machine floors looking for any machine where credits have accidentally been left. This process is called credit hustling.

While credit hustling is probably not a good way to try to make a full-time income, it’s certainly something that anyone can do in their spare time and doesn’t take a high skill level, a long learning curve or money to get started. For those who will be visiting a casino, it might be worth trying for a few hours to see what type of results you get and to see if this is something that you might like to do as a regular hobby.

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