City Gold Mining

The ingenuity people have coming up with ways to make money never ceases to amaze me. While TV shows make it look like you need to head off to Alaska, South America or some other remote place in the world (and risk a significant amount of your life savings) in order to find gold, others have figured out that there is gold right under all our feet simply waiting to be picked up by anyone who cares to do it. Those prospecting for gold aren’t only found in the great outdoors these days. There are people who find gold, along with an occasional diamond and other precious stones, sitting in the cracks and crevices of the sidewalks in some of our busiest cities.

Mining for gold on city streets in urban areas is called “city mining.” While it seems like a pretty weird idea at first glance, it’s actually a pretty simple concept that anyone willing to put in a little time and effort could do. In nature, gold tends to drop to the bottom of streams until it hits bedrock where it settles. The same is true with gold found in cities. Gold that falls off of people gets caught and settles in the cracks and crevices of sidewalks along with all kinds of other dirt and debris. By removing all the stuff that gets embedded into the sidewalk cracks, you can then separate the gold from the dirt.

Similar to mining for gold in the wilderness, it’s important to find a good location where you’re likely to find gold. It’s worthless to pan for gold in an area where there’s no gold to be found. It’s the same way when city mining. It’s worthless to pick up the dirt and debris in sidewalk cracks if there isn’t going to be any gold in it.

So the question quickly becomes, “where would you find people who would have gold dust falling off of them?” The answer to this question is jewelry stores and where people make jewelry. People that work with gold all day will have tiny gold particles settle onto their clothing. When they walked outside, that gold dust will fall off of their clothes and eventually settle into the cracks and crevices of the sidewalk, along with a bunch of other debris. As time goes by, more and more of this gold dust settles into those city sidewalk cracks, and eventually it gets to the point where it’s possible to find as much as $300 worth of gold from them in a day.

The beauty of this strange way to make money is that it can be either a part-time or full-time endeavor. While it would certainly take a lot of dedication to make a full-time income doing it, it’s certainly possible when there is the potential to earn as much as $300 a day. It could also be a wonderful way to make money in your spare time. For those city dwellers who have ever thought gold mining might be something that they would like to try, this might be a perfect alternative to packing up and heading out into the great outdoors.

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